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Follow millions of players to build your unique island! After Hay Day and Township, Wonderful Island are taking you to a great island world. Build your islands now with various decorations! Enjoy fun of growing crops, breeding animals and constructing factories! Finish different orders to gain more coins and diamonds, then unlock more interesting tools to develop more areas.


Have you ever dreamt about having an own island? Would you like to know how does it feel to manage an island? The brand new simulation game – Wonderful Island is here now! A small island with huge surprise!

Planting rice and sugarcane, feeding the cows and silkworms, expanding your island, sending out ships and planes, and so on. You will get really busy to develop you island. But it worth the effort to see your island become great again!

--- Strategy of developing --- - Produce new items or complete the orders? Expand the island or the warehouse? Sell out the items or exchange them with something you need? Send out old ships or get a new one? It’s all depends on you!

【Features】 Meet with the interesting characters: a pirate full of adventurous spirit, a hardworking boxer, a humor gym trainer, a smart lovely girl and so on. All kind of different decorations: Cute Rubber Frog, Giant Snow Castle, Pirate Flag and everything fun and good-looking. Edit you island freely: sandy island style, the paradise of pirates, casual farm island style, ice world or anything you can create. The casual game play: plant on the field, feed the animals, and manage your factories… There are lots of stuffs for you to explore. Trade with other players: buy things you needs and sell those you don't. Global ranking: compete with players all over the world!

More interesting content and casual experience will be found in the Wonderful Island. Let’s begin this wonderful journey with your friends.


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